Solar Parks

Solar Parks are the new future

A Solar Park is a commercial or utility scale solar Photovoltaic system, frequently but not entirely developed on agricultural land, sometimes also referred to as a Renewal Energy Communities or Solar Farm. Renewal Energy Community is a non-profit organization which has a role to provide environmental, social and economic electricity distribution to its members.

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Installing a solar park is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a return on investment from low-grade or agricultural land. Solar parks cause truly little environmental impact and do not require a change of use as they are given 25 years temporary planning consent. They can co-exist alongside use
of the land of grazing for small animals or land and biodiversity development objectives. If required a solar park can be removed without trace.

PEVbit provides a complete planning, procurement and construction service to those who wish to invest in such great project. An area where Solar Park can be installed are exist like former landfills and commercial or military wastelands therefore, the necessary infrastructures are often available. Our crew adapts our system individually to the different landfill sealing and soil requirements. PEVbit Renewable Energy Community services includes:

➤ Site analysis and feasibility studies to evaluate the suitability of your land

➤ Full planning applications

➤ Application for grid connection and assessment of grid connection offers

➤ System design

➤ Solar park installation

➤ Maintenance and operations

The decision for a Solar park has never been so affordable, advantageous and easy to implement. Solar energy is the most promising renewable energy strategy and are promoting investment in solar power plants with tax incentives. The necessary elements are now well developed, trustworthy and costs are at low level. Now is the time to make your company economically sustainable and fit for the future with a clear energy strategy.

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