Solar Energy Storage

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Having Solar panels for power production is excellent however, they are not able to supply your needs when it is dark therefore, without Energy Storage system you will be using electricity from the grid again. Having a battery, means the excess solar energy can be fed into it. This involves during peak sunlight you can charge your battery and during dark hours you can use your surplus electricity by using 100% your own energy and be independent from the National grid.

When excess electricity is produced, it can be stored and used at any time of need. This means that homeowners and businesses can run entirely on a renewable energy reducing their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Pairing Solar panels with solar batteries is an effective solution with benefits like:

➤ Store energy for later use

➤ Minimize your energy costs

➤ Become independent of the grid

In addition, solar battery backup power can lower your energy expenses drastically. By charging and discharging your battery in terms of need, you can avoid paying a lot for electricity for your utility company.

Finally, combining solar panels with solar battery, you can choose to be independent from the national grid at any time. Naturally, the number of solar panels you need and a kind of battery to match with, PEVbit provides you the best suitable solution for you depending on your energy demands and budget.

Type of batteries

For PV systems there are several types of batteries on the market. Nowadays, Lead-acid and Lithium based batteries are manly on the market. However, with advancing technologies and more sustainable solutions such as Saltwater (aqueous hybrid) and Salt battery (saline-nickel battery) on the market. With a small table you will be able to compare the possibilities.

Type of battery Lead-acidLithiumAqueous HybridSalt Battery
Size and weight taken for 5kWh of usable capacity and for salt batter 8kWh.52x104x25 cm

40x16x70 cm

95x100x30 cm


Residual capacity after 10 years30-50%80-90%100%100%
Possible depth of discharge without damage 50%90%100%100%
Operation temperature for longer service life +25°C to -10°C+25°C to +5°C+40°C to -5°C+60°C to -20°C
Lifespan5-7 years11-15 years11-15 years15 years
HazardsToxic and corrosive flammable harmful to the environmentToxic flammable explosivesafesafe

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