Platio Solar Pavement

Platio Solar Pavement

With Platio solar pavement we are able to design a high-quality home or garage entrance of using natural sunlight as your energy source. Today’s advanced technologies enable us to deliver not just Solar roof but as well Solar ground.

Platio were designed in Hungary and available on the market since 2015. In the past few years prices has been decreasing of Solar energy systems and with the increasing financial helps of most countries, Platio is gaining more market share. Platio solar pavement is not just a module which produce energy from the sun but also 100% green product. Using 100% recycled material of production and able to install where conventional solar technologies cannot be deployed, could be the best solution for your future solar project.

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Well, you could say “yea this looks good but what about resistance?” Platio has a high durability and ensures resistance to load, impact, scratches and weather. Moreover, entered to the top 5 products of Shock Resistant Solution in 2021 where 177 global companies were analysed in this specified topic on StartUs Insights. Platio solar pavement can be the solution for businesses, homes, marines and smart cities to develop and incorporate a new solar system in Switzerland.

FAQ for Platio

  • Is it easy to change a damaged Platio panel?
    With the easy click in and out system is always easy to substitute a damaged or broken Platio panel.
  • How many Platio panel do I need to be able to charge my E-vehicle?
    As an example, for 720 Wp system of Platio system you will need 40 unit which is 4.7m².
  • How does the warranty work for Platio Solar Pavement?
    For Platio Solar Pavement there is five years manufacturer warranty and twenty years of performance warranty.
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