Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Pollution from combustion engine cars and trucks are seriously harmful to both public health and climate. By choosing electric cars over petrol or diesel cars, we can double our carbon reductions while also enhancing the quality of life. There are no car manufactures which have not developed electric vehicles in the last few years.

The advantages of driving electric cars are clear. With thrilling new technologies currently being developed, which promise to cut charging times and extend range significantly therefore, switching for an Electric Vehicle is the best time. Owning an EV and having Electric Vehicle charging station at home or at your company is a milestone in terms of comfort and savings.

Therefore, PEVbit installs charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and bicycles. We are able to install at your home a station or an open space of several Electric Vehicle charger stations. Our team would like to contribute to the e-mobility sector by expanding charging solutions.

FAQ for Electric Vehicle Charging

  • How long does it take a to charge my EV?
    To fully charge a Plug-in hybrid usually 1-4 hours are required, while to charge a full-electric car from 0 to 100% on average 4-8 hours are required.
  • Will I pay more for electricity?
    Yes. But with a personal charging station at your home, you can choose to charge your car at night and benefit from significantly lower electricity rates. However, EV charging is still more cost effective on the long term, as you can choose to generate your own electricity by installing solar panels.
  • How much maintenance does my EV charger need?
    EV charging stations are surprisingly simple to maintain just like electric cars. If it is installed correctly, its pieces can be easily replaced.
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