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PEVbit provide a variety of services (shown below), if you’re interested in any of these, please Contact Us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about projects you have in mind.

Solar Panels

The energy produced by the sun is the most powerful yet free resource which solar panels take advantage of. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic systems, use semiconductor technology to transform energy from sunlight into electricity that can power households, communities and companies for free.

To reduce your energy bills this is still the logical choice to enjoy a great investment. Not only generating your own energy through domestic solar good for the environment but also keeps your money in your pocket. With ever rising fuel prices, energy efficiency and cutting your carbon footprint have been more satisfying.

In order to maximise your solar panel efficiency to get most of your solar system investment and cut your spending on utility bills there are key factors to consider as angling, location, direction, roof suitability, size of the solar panel system, and current maintenance. Fortunately, solar panels do not require much maintenance throughout their lifespan of 25-30 years.

How many solar panels you need to power your home depends on a few factors:

✔️ Your current electricity consumption

✔️ Your energy goals (how much of the consumption you plan to cover 80-100%)

✔️ Your roof capacity or possible ground area

✔️ The number of sunshine hours in your area

After having all the information, the goal of this project is to help the greater deployment of photovoltaic and energy storage systems, therefore contribute to the clean future. We provide combined solar and storage systems for your home and we provide these services independently from each other as well. Our company can assist you in the whole process, from the planning until the installation phase. Furthermore, for those who are interested in our systems, we offer a gratis calculation to show how much one can save by using our system.

In our calculations we will show you benefits from our side as well the benefits from the government. As Switzerland still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of renewable energies – this is set to change fundamentally. The Federal Council’s Energy Strategy 2050 aims to significantly increase electricity production from the sun, hydropower, geothermal energy and biomass.

In order to achieve these ambitious energy targets, the federal government is setting financial incentives to increase the proportion of solar energy. Not only the federal governments provides subsidies but most of the cantons also gives future solar systems owners a funding.

You will receive up to 30% of the costs for a solar system back from the federal government.

You can fully deduct the investment costs for your photovoltaic system from your taxes.

PEVbit takes over the entire administrative process for you.

Platio Solar Pavement

With Platio solar pavement we are able to design a high-quality home or garage entrance of using natural sunlight as your energy source. Today’s advanced technologies enable us to deliver not just Solar roof but as well Solar ground.

Platio Logo

Platio were designed in Hungary and available on the market since 2015. In the past few years prices has been decreasing of Solar energy systems and with the increasing financial helps of most countries, Platio is gaining more market share. Platio solar pavement is not just a module which produce energy from the sun but also 100% green product. Using 100% recycled material of production and able to install where conventional solar technologies cannot be deployed, could be the best solution for your future solar project.

Well, you could say “yea this looks good but what about resistance?” Platio has a high durability and ensures resistance to load, impact, scratches and weather. Moreover, entered to the top 5 products of Shock Resistant Solution in 2021 where 177 global companies were analysed in this specified topic on StartUs Insights. Platio solar pavement can be the solution for businesses, homes, marines and smart cities to develop and incorporate a new solar system in Switzerland.

Solar Parks

A Solar Park is a commercial or utility scale solar Photovoltaic system, frequently but not entirely developed on agricultural land, sometimes also referred to as a Renewal Energy Communities or Solar Farm. Renewal Energy Community is a non-profit organization which has a role to provide environmental, social and economic electricity distribution to its members.

Installing a solar park is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a return on investment from low-grade or agricultural land. Solar parks cause truly little environmental impact and do not require a change of use as they are given 25 years temporary planning consent. They can co-exist alongside use
of the land of grazing for small animals or land and biodiversity development objectives. If required a solar park can be removed without trace.

PEVbit provides a complete planning, procurement and construction service to those who wish to invest in such great project. An area where Solar Park can be installed are exist like former landfills and commercial or military wastelands therefore, the necessary infrastructures are often available. Our crew adapts our system individually to the different landfill sealing and soil requirements. PEVbit Renewable Energy Community services includes:

➢ Site analysis and feasibility studies to evaluate the suitability of your land
➢ Full planning applications
➢ Application for grid connection and assessment of grid connection offers
➢ System design
➢ Solar park installation
➢ Maintenance and operations

The decision for a Solar park has never been so affordable, advantageous and easy to implement. Solar energy is the most promising renewable energy strategy and are promoting investment in solar power plants with tax incentives. The necessary elements are now well developed, trustworthy and costs are at low level. Now is the time to make your company economically sustainable and fit for the future with a clear energy strategy.

We show you the possibilities!

Electric Vehicle Charging

Pollution from combustion engine cars and trucks are seriously harmful to both public health and climate. By choosing electric cars over petrol or diesel cars, we can double our carbon reductions while also enhancing the quality of life. There are no car manufactures which have not developed electric vehicles in the last few years.

The advantages of driving electric cars are clear. With thrilling new technologies currently being developed, which promise to cut charging times and extend range significantly therefore, switching for an Electric Vehicle is the best time. Owning an EV and having Electric Vehicle charging station at home or at your company is a milestone in terms of comfort and savings.

Therefore, PEVbit installs charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and bicycles. We are able to install at your home a station or an open space of several Electric Vehicle charger stations. Our team would like to contribute to the e-mobility sector by expanding charging solutions.

Solar Energy Storage

Having Solar panels for power production is excellent however, they are not able to supply your needs when it is dark therefore, you will be using electricity from the grid again. Having a battery, means the excess solar energy can be fed into it. This involves during peak sunlight you can charge your battery and during dark hours you can use your surplus electricity by using 100% your own energy and be independent from the National grid.

When excess electricity is produced, it can be stored and used at any time of need. This means that homeowners and businesses can run entirely on a renewable energy reducing their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Pairing Solar panels with solar batteries is an effective solution with benefits like:

➤ Store energy for later use

➤ Minimize your energy costs

➤ Become independent of the grid

In addition, solar battery backup power can lower your energy expenses drastically. By charging and discharging your battery in terms of need, you can avoid paying a lot for electricity for your utility company.

Finally, combining solar panels with solar battery, you can choose to be independent from the national grid at any time. Naturally, the number of solar panels you need and a kind of battery to match with, PEVbit provides you the best suitable solution for you depending on your energy demands and budget.

Type of batteries

For PV systems there are several types of batteries on the market. Nowadays, Lead-acid and Lithium based batteries are manly on the market. However, with advancing technologies and more sustainable solutions such as Saltwater (aqueous hybrid) and Salt battery (saline-nickel battery) on the market. With a small table you will be able to compare the possibilities.

Type of battery Lead-acidLithiumAqueous HybridSalt Battery
Size and weight taken for 5kWh of usable capacity and for salt batter 8kWh.52x104x25 cm

40x16x70 cm

95x100x30 cm


Residual capacity after 10 years30-50%80-90%100%100%
Possible depth of discharge without damage 50%90%100%100%
Operation temperature for longer service life +25°C to -10°C+25°C to +5°C+40°C to -5°C+60°C to -20°C
Lifespan5-7 years11-15 years11-15 years15 years
HazardsToxic and corrosive flammable harmful to the environmentToxic flammable explosivesafesafe