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A Smart and Clever solution

The requirement of sustainable green energy is on high demand more than ever due to several reasons; The Sun power through photovoltaic panels and Wind power using different technologies. They are the main two possibilities to produce green energies in Switzerland. New World Wind, a French company had developed possibility to use wind and sun power for producing green energy in a perfectly combinable way. New World Wind has developed different types of wind trees which are equipped with numerous clever created, micro wind turbines with solar petals. We are offering several type of wind trees which differ by form, number of Aeroleaf and produced energies.

The Aeroleaf

The Aeroleaf is very light and able to start with level of 2,5 m/s of wind from any direction. With a practically continuous rotation and without any gears or belts, it does its job in a complete silence. The Aeroleafs are generating energies from the smallest breezes till turbulent winds and each Aeroleaf has a maximum power of 300W which are not far from a regular roof mounted solar panel. The Aeroleafs are installed on the wind trees as well available for roof mounting. The amount of Aeroleaf required is defined by your electrical needs and budget. The electrical installation performs 100% parallel which grants you to safely switch them (due to the low tension) without getting to lose or stop production.

The Aeroleaf Hybrid

To additional to the Aeroleaf, New World Wind has built a high-performance photovoltaic petal as a further natural energy source. The photovoltaic petals are found of the bottom of every leaf therefore, they are available for all version of Wind Trees and Wind Bush.

The Trees

The Lotus

With an excellent set of 12 Aeroleafs 300W are installed on 4 trunks connected together, our Lotus is the smallest of our wind trees.  As the Lotus has the same size as the WindBush therefore, it is a perfect solution for smaller places as your backyard or driveway. The Lotus with 12 Aeroleafs has a 3,6kW capacity.

The WindBush Hybride

The very elegantly designed WindBush due to his smaller size can be planted in smaller places. As it needs only a simple base to keep it on the ground it can be installed alone or in a thicket, in alleyways, or peripheries. The WindBush consists of 12 Aeroleafs and 12 photovoltaic petals, fixed on 4 connected stems. The Wind Bush has a power capacity of 4,2 kW.

The Modular Tree

The Modular Tree is the most varying wind tree according to your needs and budget. The Modular Tree is composed of 3 to 5 trunks and with the possibility of 3 sizes. The three seizes Modular Trees are equipped either 28, 24 or 30 Aeroleavs and has between 5400- 9000W of production. The Modular Tree with his unique shape of a tree is capable of capture all kind of wind in the city as well in a nature.

The Wind Tree

The Wind Tree is the largest composed of 3 steel trunks and 36 Aeroleafs. It’s an asset of producing green energy in a meanwhile valuing aesthetics and urban development policies. The Wind Tree can take advantage of all types of wind, from soft breezes to strong gust of wind in both metropolitan and countryside environments.  Due to his size and a capability of producing 10,8 kW it is perfect for larger household and companies. You can define your own tree by selecting of the colours of the leaves and trunk.

Trees are installed in Switzerland

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