Our Mission

In the 21st century humankind arrived to a milestone. We slowly realized that the series of environmental disasters are the consequences of our lifestyle and behaviour and we need a drastic change to prevent the even more devastating consequences in the future. The rapidly growing industrialization and growing demands left their footprint on the environment with excessive CO2 emissions, deforestation, air and water and light pollution.

The energy sector plays a key role in this process as energy is the driver of all sorts of industrial activities. Due to the growing population the energy supply is currently facing fundamental changes: the economic supply of the mineral energy resources oil and gas is ending in a few decades; health hazards, risks and global warming caused by emissions from combustion engines.

In the energy sector, the key solution is to introduce and enforce green technologies particularly small and middle scale photovoltaic units combined with battery storage to help many homes, communities and cities to become more independent from the grid system and save on their energy bills. Energy storage is often an underlying issue, however, in the new energy system where there are more intermittent capacity installed, energy storage would be essential to balance out supply and demand.

​The goal of our company is to help the greater deployment of photovoltaic and energy storage systems, therefore contribute to the clean future. We provide combined solar and storage systems for companies across Switzerland.  

PEVbit Photovoltaic Energy Varieties

PEVbit provides compact photovoltaic and energy storage systems on small and middle scale.

Our project would like to highlight the importance of energy storage units in the energy system to balance out supply and demand.

We can supply compact renewable energy communities.

Our uniqueness is to be able to create energy communities, developing the organizational form and management of the energy community and creating development opportunities. For more information, please contact us.

The PEVbit project is a 100% green project

We would like to introduce sustainable technologies and help their greater deployment across Europe.

Our company sells charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and bicycles.

We would like to contribute to the e-mobility sector by expanding charging possibilities for electric vehicles.