About Us

PEVbit was found in 2017 by Fruzsina Nagy and Frank-Michael Sutor in Germany. The first projects were involving more in the electric car industries. During international research and studies of energy law and policies, Fruzsina was participating in several energy storage projects. With her growing knowledge in this field our company is in a constant development. She was involved as a law intern in an energy storage related project at CMS Cameron McKenna in Edinburgh and gave guest lectures in energy law at the University of Stirling.

Fruzsina is following her mindset and beliefs, moved to Switzerland where she is writing her PhD thesis about legal and policy implementation of energy storage for the University of Zürich. During her time in Switzerland she was able to expand the PEVbit team as well establish the first milestone. Our company is based and operates from Mümliswil-Ramiswil in Kanton Solothurn.

Today, PEVbit focuses on green solutions for homes and companies in the photovoltaic energy sector. Our team is built up with professionally knowledgeable individuals and partners. With our technical team we would like to provide you the best sustainable and innovative solution.

Our Co-founders of PEVbit

Fruzsina Nagy
Frank-Michael Sutor

​Fruzsina Nagy and Frank-Michael Sutor are the co-founders of PEVbit.

Fruzsina has graduated on the Law Faculty of the University of Stirling. Her field of expertise is international energy law and policy. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Zürich and writing her research about the legal and policy implications of energy storage.  With her knowledge and experience in the energy sector she is aiming to contribute to the sustainable future. She believes that the energy sector plays a key role in the fight against global warming. Her goal is to work on a project which will be a milestone in creating sustainable and clean future.

Frank-Michael Sutor is the owner of SW Unitax GmbH. He is currently engaged in several innovative projects across Germany in particular tax advising, startup financing, crowdfunding and investing. He has vast experience in business and entrepreneurship and aims to contribute to the energy sector across Europe through sustainable innovations.

Through their multidisciplinary knowledge and experiences they created the PEVbit Smart Energy GmbH which provides innovative solutions to decarbonize the energy sector. Currently the PEVbit team is made up of highly qualified professionals who has waste experience in the energy and IT sector in particular engineers, lawyers, researchers and advisors.

Meet Our Team

Antal Szabó
Antal Szabó

Sales and PR

Reto Bertsch
Reto Bertsch


Antal holds an International Communication, Advertising and Public Relation degrees with addition of an Graphic Designer. Over 15 years of experience as Public Relation he is one of the key member in our team in terms of sales, networking and developing key professional tasks. With his motto of “the impossible does not exist” bringing our company and team to success.