Photovoltaic Energy Varieties

PEVbit provides products on compact photovoltaic and energy storage systems on small and middle scale projects. Our project would like to highlight the importance of energy storage units in the energy system to balance out supply and demand. Doesn’t matter if it’s Solar Rooftops, Solar Floors, Solar Parks, Energy Storage or Electric Vehicle Charging you wish for, we deliver it.

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PEVbit focuses on green solutions for homes and companies in the photovoltaic energy sector.

Solar Panels

Solar panels use semiconductor technology to transform energy from sunlight into electricity that can power households, communities and companies for free.

Electric Vehicle Charging

By choosing electric cars over petrol or diesel cars, we can double our carbon reductions while also enhancing the quality of life.

Solar Parks

A Solar Park is a commercial or utility scale solar Photovoltaic system, frequently but not entirely developed on agricultural land, sometimes also referred to as a Renewal Energy Communities or Solar Farm.

Platio Solar Pavement

With Platio solar pavement we are able to design a high-quality home or garage entrance of using natural sunlight as your energy source.

Solar Energy Storage

Having a battery, means the excess solar energy can be fed into it. When excess electricity is produced, it can be stored and used at any time of need.





Bern Expo - exhibition of electric trucks and vans.
17 Nov 2019

Bern Expo Exhibition

This weekend we visited the Bern Expo where we saw an excellent exhibition of electric trucks and vans. It was amazing to see that all companies are taking action to achieve clean future. It was a great experience.